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General Dentistry for Good Oral and Overall Health

Traditional Braces

To straighten crooked or gapped teeth, Dr. Kevin Layton offers traditional braces, which are comprised of brackets bonded to the teeth connected with an arch wire. Patients can choose from metal, clear, or ceramic brackets. Additionally, patients interested in a more discreet option may opt for lingual braces, which are placed on the back surfaces of the teeth. Average treatment time is 24 months, and upon consultation with Dr. Layton, you will receive a customized treatment plan.

Close up of woman's braces and glossy lips
Traditional braces have been used for decades to straighten even severe cases of misalignment. 

Root Canal Therapy

If you have tooth pain or sensitivity, you may need root canal therapy. During this procedure, Dr. Layton removes infected tissue from the pulp chamber and any remaining nerve tissue from the root canals. He then fills the canals with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Finally, the affected tooth is repaired with a dental crown. Root canal therapy is advised when a filling or crown cannot save a tooth from requiring extraction. Dr. Layton uses precise, gentle techniques and sedation to perform root canals with minimal discomfort.

Infected tooth and tooth after root canal therapy
Untreated infection can lead to widespread tooth loss. Root canal therapy effectively restores health to a damaged tooth.

Periodontal Care

Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection that, if left untreated, can permanently damage your teeth and negatively affect your overall health. During a thorough exam, Dr. Layton or a hygienist will assess your gums for periodontal pockets, which harbor bacterial infection. Non-surgical treatment can include scaling and root planing, as well as topical antibiotics and a prescription mouthwash. More advanced periodontal disease requires gum surgery. Our office has a full-service dental hygiene department focused on helping patients manage gum disease.

Healthy gums and periodontitis
Gum disease can have serious effects on your general health, increasing your risk of conditions like stroke and heart disease. 

TMJ Disorder Treatment

Are you one of the millions of people who suffers from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder? Dr. Layton offers several treatment options to alleviate painful symptoms, like migraines, earaches, jaw pain, and clicking joints. Night guards hold the jaw joints in proper resting position and keep patients from clenching and grinding their teeth during sleep. If malocclusion is the cause of your pain, Dr. Layton may suggest restorations or orthodontics to re-establish a healthy bite. Dr. Layton also offers neuromuscular treatment. 

Man holding jaw
TMJ disorder can cause symptoms that range from annoying to debilitating, such as joint clicking, teeth grinding, and migraines.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea affects approximately 25 million Americans. Treatment is vital since the condition can increase your risk of developing serious health issues including stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. For patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), Dr. Layton can provide a custom oral appliance designed to keep the airway open as the patient sleeps. This appliance also treats snoring, which often accompanies sleep apnea. Once you start using an oral appliance, you will need to follow up with Dr. Layton regularly to reassess your symptoms, as well as the fit of the appliance.

Woman sleeping peacefully
Sleep apnea can often be treated with a comfortable, custom oral appliance that is worn while you sleep.

Sports Mouthguards

Patients who are involved in several types of sports should consider wearing mouthguards to protect their teeth and soft tissues of the mouth. Studies show that athletes who do not wear mouthguards are 60 times more likely to suffer damage to their teeth than athletes who wear mouthguards. Dr. Layton offers custom-made, comfortable sports mouthguards for children and adults. Because professionally designed mouthguards provide a precise fit, they are more effective at protecting your teeth than store-bought varieties.

High school football player wearing sports mouthguard
Sports mouthguards are a simple way to guard against injuries to your teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth. 

Teeth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth while sleeping? Untreated nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism) can cause severe tooth wear and may lead to malocclusion or TMJ disorder. Bruxism can also contribute to head, neck, and back pain. Although the exact causes of bruxism are not known, Dr. Layton can stop grinding by fitting you for a custom oral appliance. Simply wear the unobtrusive device while you sleep, and your upper and lower teeth will be comfortably realigned. 

Routine Cleaning and Exams

Six-month dental cleanings and exams are important to maintaining good oral health. Dental cleanings help prevent cavities, halitosis, and gum disease. A routine visit to Dr. Layton’s office may include dental x-rays, an examination of your teeth and soft tissues, head and neck exam, and inspection of existing dental work. Checkups allow Dr. Layton to identify problem areas before they become severe and require invasive treatment. During a cleaning, the dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar and chart information about your gum health. You will be instructed in proper home care and advised of any areas that need special attention.

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Layton sees patients of every age, including children. He aims to create a positive dental experience for each patient. One focus of pediatric dentistry in our office is teaching children to develop healthy oral hygiene habits between visits. When children see a dentist routinely, potential dental problems can either be prevented or treated at their earliest stages. Dr. Layton also spends time communicating with parents, offering tips and practical advice on nutrition, brushing, and flossing. 


Although Dr. Layton's primary goal is always the preservation of damaged teeth, extraction may be necessary for a variety of reasons, such as an over-crowded mouth, severely infected teeth, or impaction. With his extensive experience, Dr. Layton can perform most tooth extractions in our office, including impacted wisdom teeth (third molars). In addition to sedation and his gentle and caring chairside manner, we offer amenities such as blankets and TVs for your comfort during treatment.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Almost 42,000 Americans are diagnosed with throat or oral cancer each year. According to the American Dental Association, only half of patients diagnosed with oral cancer survive for over five years. For this reason, Dr. Layton performs oral cancer screenings as part of every dental exam. He will inspect your mouth and examine your jaw and neck for suspicious lesions or lumps. With early intervention, patients with throat or oral cancer suffer fewer treatment-related complications and have a higher success rate.

Female dental patient undergoing exam
An oral cancer screening, performed during each dental exam at our office, is one of the easiest ways to protect your general health.

Halitosis Treatment

Halitosis, or chronic bad breath, can almost always be treated. Regular flossing and brushing, as well as dental cleanings every six months, will help control plaque and freshen breath. Addressing dental problems, like cavities and gum disease, is also important to controlling bad breath. While certain medications and medical conditions can cause halitosis, a visit to Dr. Layton for a routine cleaning or restorative care may be all you need for fresher breath and improved confidence.

Emergency Dental Services

Along with routine dental care, Dr. Layton provides emergency dental services. Dental emergencies include a cracked or knocked out tooth, an acute toothache, or objects stuck in between teeth. If you have suffered an injury or a restoration has fallen out, Dr. Layton can often see you the same day. He will promptly take care of your dental needs, including extractions, if necessary. If you suspect a broken jaw or need stitches, you should go to the nearest emergency room.

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All Hours Directions (405) 728-3300