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Protect Your Health with a Simple Oral Cancer Screening

Nationally, oral cancer kills more people than cervical or skin cancer. One half of people diagnosed with oral cancer will not survive more than five years.

On average, one person in America dies from oral cancer every hour. 80% of oral cancer can be attributed to tobacco use. Of the remaining 30%, the most common causes of oral cancer are excessive intake of alcohol, constant exposure to bright sunlight, biting of the cheeks and gums, and improperly fit dentures.

Most patients don’t even know they have oral cancer, which is why it’s important to schedule regular checkups so you can prevent it from happening to you. Dr. Layton and his staff can help you fight against oral cancer by examining your mouth for areas that have white or red spots; most of these areas are flat and painless.

Not sure what the signs are of oral cancer? Check for:

  • A sore that easily bleeds and that never seems to heal
  • Oral tissue that has changed in color
  • Areas of gum erosion, rough spots, lumps or thickening on the gums
  • Numbness or pain anyplace in your mouth, or even tenderness of the mouth or lips

Brush biopsy is a painless test that is used to look for areas that may have potentially malignant cells. This test can be used to catch oral cancer early while it is still treatable. A slightly more invasive test called a scalpel biopsy may be required. This test requires a local anesthetic.

If you are concerned that you might be at risk of oral cancer, remember that regular visits with Dr. Layton are important. Twice a year visits will not only keep your teeth in great shape, but help fight the battle against oral cancer.

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